Portfolio review

for photographers & retouchers

1 1/2 hours

possible in person or online via Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype

When it comes to a successful portfolio, asking for another opinion is the first step towards improvement. I know how it is: you bring your ideas into life and you love every aspect of your new work because you know how effortful it was. But in the process of creating we all sometimes fall over-board without realising it. While going through your portfolio I will give you my personal opinion and constructive advice based on my own experience, add some ideas and good examples. And the most important: I believe in kindness and you will come out of this with real input instead of frustration.

Portfolio review + single coaching combined
6 1/2 hours, possible in person or online via Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype
Combining the portfolio review with a single coaching is the most effective way of analysing and then really working on whichever issues you have. If you decide to profit from the double offer you will take home perfectly tailored ideas and suggestions and immediately up your game on the market.

What I can help you with:

• Camera technology (e.g. with Canon, Phase One, analogue cameras, etc.)
• Light setting with strobes or continuous light (e.g. for portraits, editorial, commercial photography)
• Photography with daylight
• Software (e.g. working with Capture One, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign)
• Concept creation & realisation (e.g. moodboards, team hiring, pre-production)
• Post-production (colour management, skin retouch, dodge & burn, special effects, data handling, etc.)
• Magazine submission strategies
• Marketing, SEO, Social Media, customer acquisition
• All your individual questions

Dates & locations:

Discussed individually

Preparation & what you need to bring:

Discussed individually depending on what you’d like to learn

Basis for the coaching to take place:

• Your signed order confirmation by you followed by my affirmation (at least 21 days before the target date)
• Prepayment (at least 14 days before the target date)
• A respectful, curious and kind attitude by all parties


The portfolio review and coaching can be held in English or German language depending on what you prefer