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Editorial CELLAR DOOR is part of a greater work named BCD – BEAUTIFUL COMMUNICATION DESIGN which I created for my bachelor thesis in 2015. It illustrates different fields of communication design connecting them to fashion photography.

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The Story behind editorial CELLAR DOOR

Humans and machines can connect and interact through interactive media. It starts with a simple app right up to complex installations that seem futuristic to us. The development of such media has not yet grown up, but there is a high potential provided for the future’s design.

Even though we are living in the age of rapid transition, those developments cause mixed feelings: sensations of freedom & restriction, interconnectedness & loneliness, the power of control & the ignorance of where this leads to are all there at the same time.

Editorial CELLAR DOOR illustrates the conflict by showing a model and a projected empty screen in an interplay. The scene takes place in an abandoned cellar-vault. The atmosphere is post-apocalyptic and seems kafkaesque. The light setting is spare and the camera shoots with bulb exposure so that a dim picture is generated. The projected screen is slightly glowing on any material and suggesting an empty space offered for new things.

Female fashion editorial with model Luisa Faust by Heidi Rondak for Cake Magazine

The model is wearing white, black, and earthy tones. Her only jewellery consists of metal tattoos. They reflect more than the rest in the picture, but they are delicate. At the same time, their decorative character becomes blurred and therefore gets mechanical. The tattoos also show the blending of the person and the machine but they still appear precious. The wardrobe destroys the usual convention of clothing. It looks avant-garde, just as if the person hiding in the cellar is, in fact, a new and undiscovered species or a not yet accepted one. The model seems mystical but yet afraid. Her hair is slightly wet, her make-up is dark.

The editorial illustrates how the darkness in our heads dealing with interactive media and progressing technologies is getting lighted bit by bit. There is a whole lot of curiosity accompanied by a little tingling as well. Nevertheless, the model invites us into her world and we sympathise to her. There is a strange beauty in the unknown, a strange beauty which you can find in the pure sound of the word CELLAR DOOR too.


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