The Story Behind THE ESSENCE


Editorial THE ESSENCE is part of a greater work named BCD – BEAUTIFUL COMMUNICATION DESIGN which I created for my bachelor thesis in 2015. It illustrates different fields of communication design connecting them to fashion photography.

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The Story behind editorial THE ESSENCE

As fast as globalization dissolves boundaries, people build up new ones again. They directly create new worlds that they can understand, were they can be someone and feel part of something. They form tribes. When you stretch the idea of a tribe a little, you become aware of brands being kind of tribes.  – Marty Neumeier

Brands generate a completed feeling by a whole lot of well-defined details. Apart from the obvious, such as the visual identity or design, they use connotations triggered by colour, haptic, slogans, etc. Branding means boiling it down to the essential – not more and not less – which helps the costumer have faith and not getting confused.

Brands refine constantly and operate after the principle of being both compelling and fascinating.


A brand is analogue to the clothing style of a person:

If a woman is poorly dressed, you notice her dress, but if she’s impeccably dressed, you notice HER.  – Coco Chanel

Editorial THE ESSENCE represents brand design with minimalistic clothing, that have specific and remarkable characteristics per outfit regarding the fabrics. Those characteristics are worked out through the light setting (and light colour), makeup emphasis, or materials inserted in the background. However, the series is also characterised by similarities: clear shapes, pastel shades, and soft poses of the model, as well as by-pair-photographs with variation in the close-up. Additionally, THE ESSENCE quotes the favorite materials of communication designers, which are paper, carton, wood, metal, fabrics, paints, tape, plastic and a sketch book to be always carried along.


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