The 10th GreenTec Awards 2017


I’m a little late with this entry as it’s already about three weeks ago, but the GreenTec Awards are still fresh in my mind. I’d met a lovely menswear designer, Joyce Darkoh, and we worked on a little Lookbook with sustainable fashion by DARKOH. The label is all about suits, mostly bespoke. The wool e.g. comes from English sheep and is eco-friendly. I fell in love with the idea and really enjoyed working with Joyce. The suits and pictures were then presented at the GreenTec Awards’ exhibition, May, 12th.

The 10th GreenTec Awards 2017


So I dressed myself up with new shoes and a dress that had been waiting to be worn on a gala and I followed the invitation to the event. It was a very warm spring day, so quite perfect for the wardrobe. At the DARKOH booth, there was a nice banner about 2 metres tall with one of our pictures showing model Nick in a greying suit. This made me so proud!

The DARKOH booth at the Awards

I met several nice new people thanks to Joyce, who kindly told everyone that I was the photographer of her lookbook and introduced me. During the actual awards we had some wine and great chats with people from different agencies, rising social media stars and last but not least with some team members of Greentec’s sister company Green Window. And of course, we did some funny posings on the red, wait no, the “green carpet” in front of the sponsors’ wall.

Getting up to nonsense at the “green carpet”


When the show was over the bar re-opened, offering a new greenish fuming drink, very delicious, and a very fun night started. Talking with people got more interesting and ridiculous and the connections felt perfectly personal and easy-going.

Ha, that’s me and Nico and the green fuming drink!


Unfortunately, my feet started hurting after some hours of standing and walking. While chatting and laughing with people, giving my business cards away, getting job offers (haha), and having companionship during smoking outside it got worse and worse. By the time I got to know a Bavarian paper manufacturer who was amazed at my love for paper (I had studied communication design and I think print is the only real thing when it comes to design and photography), I thought that this was a great closure and I called myself a cab. Sadly my new friends were lost in the drive and I couldn’t really say bye to all of them. But that’s not the end, just the beginning of new friendships and projects for sure.

All in all – GreenTec: thumbs up!

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