Title photo for Journal entry "Shooting at the golf course" for Solstice Magazine"

Shooting at the Golf Course

Shooting at a golf course was the best! A little dream came true thanks to charming stylist Neesha Meusch who managed the permission at Golf Club München Riem, just as she had done before with the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski München for our shooting with Caro Daur. She has the sweetest voice and everyone is at her feet when she friendly asks for something. She was a great bonus for the shooting. Not only because of the amazing styling but also because the golf players weren’t very happy about us walking around and she was the one to calm them down a little bit. In fact, they were right: being there was quite dangerous. When a golf ball hits your head you can actually die from the consequences. Luckily we all survived, so we have a great series now with talented new face Verena from PARS Management which is now published at Solstice Magazine.
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The 10th GreenTec Awards 2017

I’m a little late with this entry as it’s already about three weeks ago, but the GreenTec Awards are still fresh in my mind. I’d met a lovely menswear designer, Joyce Darkoh, and we worked on a little Lookbook with sustainable fashion by DARKOH. The label is all about suits, mostly bespoke. The wool e.g. comes from English sheep and is eco-friendly. I fell in love with the idea and really enjoyed working with Joyce. The suits and pictures were then presented at the GreenTec Awards’ exhibition, May, 12th.
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