corona regulations, hygiene concept for photo and video productions

How to photo/video shoot during the COVID-19 pandemic

The end of 2020 is near and, due to the Coronavirus, we’ve all had to live up to unusual rules, especially in terms of our social lives but also of how we work in photo and video productions safely. Despite all efforts and the upcoming vaccines, uncertainties and limitations are likely to be part of our professional activities for some time to come, at least to be expected for the first half of 2021. This is demanding a fair bit of flexibility, responsibility, and therefore, focussing on new topics, especially hygiene, to ensure that producing photography and videos isn’t turning into super-spreader events.
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COVID-19 – what about the creative and media industry?

With the COVID-19 crisis, we are facing an economical disaster from which politicians are trying to save us. In Germany, Finance Minister Scholz and Economics Minister Altmaier reported at a press conference on the 13th of March that they will guarantee the liquidity of all businesses regardless of their size. Tax breaks (in the sense of postponing deadlines) and loans should be made possible immediately and even unbureaucratically, the latter with the governmental support for guarantee banks. These actions certainly make sense and in many cases, they represent a true solution. However, in plain English, it means that we need to get over the period of job cancelations with borrowed money that is to be repaid later on. In other words: we should run into debts! There’s more detailed information about these possibilities provided by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy here.
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Corona – was ist mit der Kreativ- und Medienbranche?

Die Corona-Krise stellt die Wirtschaft vor einen Abgrund, die Politik versucht sie zu bewahren. Heute mittag berichteten Finanzminister Scholz und Wirtschaftsminister Altmaier in einer Pressekonferenz, dass sie die Liquidität von Unternehmen aller Größenordnungen gewährleisten werden. Dies soll mit Steuererleichterungen (im Sinne von Fristverschiebung) und der staatlichen Unterstützung von Bürgschaftsbanken geschehen, die uns ermöglichen sollen Kredite aufzunehmen, sogar unbürokratisch und schnell. Diese Maßnahmen machen sicherlich Sinn und stellen in vielen Fällen eine Lösung dar. Dennoch bedeuten sie im Klartext, dass wir die Zeit der Auftragsausfälle mit geliehenem Geld überbrücken sollen, das zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt wieder zurückgezahlt werden soll. In anderen Worten: wir sollen uns verschulden! Genauere Informationen hierüber liefert das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie hier.
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