Shooting at the Golf Course

Title photo for Journal entry "Shooting at the golf course" for Solstice Magazine"

Shooting at a golf course was the best! A little dream came true thanks to charming stylist Neesha Meusch who managed the permission at Golf Club München Riem, just as she had done before with the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski München for our shooting with Caro Daur. She has the sweetest voice and everyone is at her feet when she friendly asks for something. She was a great bonus for the shooting. Not only because of the amazing styling but also because the golf players weren’t very happy about us walking around and she was the one to calm them down a little bit. In fact, they were right: being there was quite dangerous. When a golf ball hits your head you can actually die from the consequences. Luckily we all survived, so we have a great series now with talented new face Verena from PARS Management which is now published at Solstice Magazine.

We weren’t quite sure when we booked her, because there were only polaroids to see of her. Though she had the perfect looks, you never know, if a very new model can move the way an experienced one does. But all doubts were gone when we started shooting. She was sitting on the edge of a sand trap and I was on the other side, where she probably couldn’t hear me, and giving instructions wasn’t possible. To my surprise, she did great and even made beautiful hand poses, which is a very important thing that not even all experienced models can do. I was so pleased!

Later a very nice employee from the golf club came and drove us around in a caddy which was such fun! I always wanted to do that once in my life. Like that we could reach the faraway corners of the golf course safely. He loaned us the caddy and we could drive around by ourselves. When we were taking the second last picture, the weather changed and it became very windy. The sky was full of clouds and we knew that a storm was coming up. So we hurried to reach the last location next to the tee practice area. The wind was great for the model’s hair and the picture turned out quite cool.

Fashion Editorial Supermassive Black Hole by Heidi Rondak with model Verena from PARS Management

As the make-up artist was a golf player too, she had her golf equipment with her. We had used it for some pictures and now we could finally try some tees too because the shooting was over. It was a great experience and I didn’t expect it to be so much fun. However, the storm got worse and we had to stop after some tries because the wind was blowing away the balls. It must be even more fun to play golf when the weather is nice and you can walk around. I think I can understand the sport now and I’m happy about the editorial I have on that topic.

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