Retrospective on Fashion Week Berlin July 2018

Retrospective on Fashion Week Berlin July 2018

While the Football Worldcup was running, another regular event started in July: Fashion Week Berlin. Other than in winter time the weather was perfect to parade lots of dresses and enjoy a few evening shows and after-show parties. Here’s my retrospective on Berlin Fashion Week S/S 2019.

Day 1 

My schedule started with Lena Hoschek’s show were I met my dear friend Cocco from Blogazine Lena’s fashion always tributes alternating themes every season. I really loved her latest A/W collection which was about flowers and moths based on vanitas symbolism. So I was very curious to see her new one called “Tutti Frutti”. 

Fashion Week Berlin and the first show I saw: “Tutti Frutti” by Lena Hoschek

As may be imagined this collection was very colorful. It contained lots of fruit prints and funny t-shirts that had fruity faces on them. Other print elements were stripes which I later learned were inspired by the likewise decorated houses at Costa Nova in Portugal. As in most fashion shows of the season, you could find flounces all over. In Lena Hoschek’s case, they were voluminously layered in many rows and they created a tropical feeling. The umbrella on top of the cocktail were colorful turbans that the models donned. Also due to the cheerful music, it was quite fun watching them walk up and down the runway. Two days later Cocco and I went to see the collection again at the SPREAD pop-up showroom at Hotel Adlon. It’s always nice to see the fashion closer, because there are still so many beautiful details to be discovered, like e.g. tiny tassels at the edges of many pieces and buttons with pineapples on them, proving that Lena’s collections are always made with love for detail.

Lena Hoschek’s collection at SPREAD pop-up showroom at Hotel Adlon

One of my favorite shows every time at Berlin’s Fashion Week is Irene Luft. She manages to create very elegant fashion pieces that are at the same time extremely edgy and cool. Her signature elements are black and gold transparent pieces that are studded with flower-like lappets or lace-like embroideries, sometimes combined with completely see-through plastics. The A/W show had been very grungy and this time some elements returned, e.g. the long black leather gloves. What was new and I liked it very much, were the neon colors, especially a vibrant blue stitched as lappets on the dresses. Further were the models made-up with neon red cheeks and wearing white sneakers that had unique spray colors on them. As bold as the collection was the specially composed music by Ziggy Has Ardeur, an old friend from Mannheim, who in my opinion always enriches the show. 

Irene Luft’s collection “Neon Noir”

I finished the day by going to the IZAIO Fashion Week party in a centrally located club with friends, but I couldn’t stay long, because work was calling and I had to get up early and be backstage at the Sportalm show in the morning. Yet, the party was nice: lots of interesting faces were around and we all had fun conversations.

Day 2

The next day I was the digital operator for Jan Mielke at the lookbook shooting of Sportalm which took place backstage, parallel with the show. As may be imagined everyone was in a rush back there and we didn’t have very much room or time for the pictures. But the Sportalm models were amazing: They ran back and forth while looking stressed, but in the middle of their route they stopped by our set, slapped on a smile, posed professionally, and then moved on to change or to go out on the runway quickly. That really was a new experience for me, even though I have had such a commission last year when I photographed the collection of another designer during the models’ slow march across a balcony. The Sportalm shooting was fun, though I was really happy to come home and nap before I had to smarten up again for the next show. 

Our backstage set for the Sportalm Lookbook S/S 2019

Marcel Ostertag’s collection presentation took place at the Westin Grand Hotel close to the main Fashion Week location E-Werk (for everyone who saw the one-take-movie “Viktoria” – it’s the hotel where she and the guy called Sonne end up). There was a beautiful (rooftop) Garden of Eden with lots of little paths and a fountain in the middle and the models walked past the guests in seemingly complicated loops. The collection started with light purple and blue looks continued with pink and yellow and reached the climax with technicolored pieces. The styles showed a variety of fringes, tassels, flounces, ruffles, and lace combined to sporty and chic looks. The female models had a Japanese-looking hairstyle with large hair clips that fit the atmosphere of the garden very well. After the show Marcel Ostertag suggested the meaning of the “MUSE” collection to be a symbol for tolerance and he thanked his supporters for inspiring him to always continue doing what he loves – which I think was lovely. 

Impressions from the Marcel Ostertag “MUSE” presentation

Nevertheless, I couldn’t stay to enjoy the nice location more, because I had to rush and meet Cocco for the next show at E-Werk: Danny Reinke. I had no regrets because it turned out to be one of my favorite ones. I had never seen his show before, but I always loved his looks when my stylists brought them to our shootings. I was really curious to see the new collection on the runway this time and truly amazed when I got sight of the elaborate safari looks. The main colors were beige and fir green, while some plaid elements were included as well as lots of tulle, which I loved. As for the tights underneath the short pants, skirts, or dresses, they partly were in vibrant colors like shining red and green – very eye-catching. The cuts, in general, seemed to be quite classy and the models walked in a slow mysterious way to very unagitated music – which I found very sophisticated.

Danny Reinke – S/S 2018 show

Day 3

Day three started with Marina Hoermanseder’s show on the yard of E-Werk. She had a little funfair built there overnight with an old-school carousel, cupcakes, drinks and a make-up booth. As the place was very crowded and in the blazing sun, the feeling was almost like on a real funfair, except that some people were better dressed (and some worse, haha). The show took place outside too, which must have been hard for the models. Some of them were walking on extremely thin heels while being wrapped up in very stiff fashion pieces made of leather, plastic, or latex – Marina’s signature designs. But there were also soft pieces contained in the collection and again flounces and pastel rainbow colors. The music was very cheeky and so were the styles. The faces of the girls were decorated with pink sequins forming a heart. All in all, it was a very girly and bold collection, combining art and commerce.

Marina Hoermannseder – S/S 2019 show

After having a cool drink at the funfair and another one in a café with Cocco, we went to see the SPREAD pop-up showroom at Hotel Adlon, next to the Brandenburg Gate. As already mentioned, we could have a closer look at Lena Hoschek’s collection there. Furthermore were there other (Austrian) labels to be discovered, e.g. jewelry brand DOROTHEUM, eye-wear brand Silhouette, and multi-functional fashion brand Kukla, etc. We spent quite a long time there to talk to everyone and learn more about all the interesting products and exchange business cards. By the way, the hotel hall was adorably arranged with mint-colored panels, golden details, and impressive chandeliers. 

SPREAD pop-up showroom at Hotel Adlon

Last but not least that day was the after show party of Marina Hoermanseder at Polygon Club in Friedrichshain. The place had a few different dance floors and a large courtyard where most people lingered due to the heat inside. I went there with a friend who’s very much into fashion and who would be scouted as a model later that night because I introduced him to well-known Casting Director Rolf Scheider. You are welcome, Martin 😉 The club was very crowded and full of balloons inside, while outside there were fire stunts, finger food, more cupcakes, and free drinks – very cool. We had one or two chats with friends and acquaintances, tried the variety of offerings, and enjoyed ourselves until late at night. 

Aftershow party at Polygon Club

Day 4

To celebrate the succeeded Fashion Week, I went to one last event on day four, where Cocco had invited me to join her. It was a breakfast buffet at cozy café Ki-Nova, at Potsdamer Square, where young designer Inga Lieckfeldt aka. Berlina Pflanze displayed her unique and locally handcrafted fashion pieces. I really liked the fabrics and the styles of her collection – they were sophisticated and elegant, yet plain. She was there answering questions while everyone noshed on the tasty snacks and had a chat or two. To be honest the healthy and refreshing food was just what the doctor ordered, as I was really tired from having very little sleep during the whole week. 

Breakfast and Berlina Pflanze at Ki-Nova café


I really enjoyed fashion week this season and I hope that I could give you a great impression on what’s going to be fashionable next spring/summer. As for me, I’m inspired to eventually plan shootings containing lots of flounces and rainbow colors, because that’s what struck me most throughout all shows that I’ve seen – according to the motto “Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows”. What do you think? (;


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