Visually breathe a fresh ocean breeze into your photos just by a click! Either use the Capture One styles or Lightroom presets and eventually add a final touch to your images with the Photoshop actions contained in this package. No matter if it was a golden day on the beach, with OCEAN BREEZE your results will look refreshingly cool and cinematic. The sky’s and water’s blues will appear as deep as the ocean, your model will blend with the background like a mermaid or -man in their natural habitat, and with the tints of purples and greens, Atlantis becomes reality in your photos! Be sure that by using the OCEAN BREEZE Presets your work will be so epic – Davy Jones as large as life will look tame by comparison! And there is more good news: The presets work for any skin tone and even on studio or landscape photos! Ahoy!


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What makes a story look cinematic? Absolutely right: it’s the photos’ colour look! If you feel like your stories are always asking for unique styles depending on the place and theme you are shooting, so did I! But translating this exact look from your vision into photo editing programmes while finding the right balance in colour and contrasts can be such a challenge – tell me about it! It took me more than seven years to refine my colour management to my satisfaction. The rough coasts of South Africa then inspired me to create the perfect ocean look in Capture One, Lightroom, and Photoshop – And right here they are: the coolest and breeziest presets and actions you’ll find far and wide the seven seas to apply to your own work. These presets are giving you the shortcut to transforming your photos. They’ll appeal as if your model was standing by a windy coast next to the cool and roaring sea spray –  quickly and easily. This way, with the OCEAN BREEZE Presets you remain independent of the perfect place, weather, and time of day. Simply focus on the model and with just a few clicks afterward, you can upgrade your story to create the feeling of watching the foaming ocean, holding one’s face up against the wind, and breathing in the salty air.


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Additional Information



Applicable to

Capture One, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom, Photoshop

Specifically for

photographs taken in RAW format


Colours Tones


12,6 MB


1 Capture One style file, 1 Lightroom presets file, 1 Photoshop finishing actions file


limited, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable, revocable standard license to download, install, and use for personal and professional photos




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