GOLDEN SUMMER Presets Bundle


This bundle for Capture One, Lightroom (presets), and Photoshop (actions) will end all your colour grading problems when it comes to summerly pictures. It simulates the golden hour even when the photos were shot during another time of the day. With golden nuances in the sky and skin tones, or a warm black and white variation, you’ll definitely up your photography game and make your next work look exceptional!


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What makes a story look premium? Here’s the secret: it’s the photos’ colour look! I always felt like every place and story’s asking for its own unique style. I know how hard it is to find the right balance between colours and contrasts. I’ve spent more than 7 years developing ways to refine my stories. South Africa then inspired me to create the perfect summer look in Capture One, Lightroom, and Photoshop – et voilà: here it is, all bundled up in these golden presets actions, waiting for you to be applied to your own work. This bundle is giving you the shortcut to create photos that look like they were captured during the golden hour – quick and easy! Additionally, the GOLDEN SUMMER Presets Bundle reduces the pressure to really use the golden hour. It gives you more time and flexibility to focus on your model instead. With just a few clicks you can then upgrade your story to look exactly like that amazing feeling when you’re on vacation, enjoying yourself in the late afternoon sun. Whether it’s the COLOUR TONES or MONOCHROME presets, this bundle gives you solutions to many different light situations, even the difficult ones. The times of struggling with summerly colour gradings are finally over!

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Applicable to

Capture One, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom, Photoshop

Specifically for

photographs taken in RAW format


5.8 MB


2 Capture One presets, 2 Lightrooms presets, 2 Photoshop finishing actions


limited, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable, revocable standard license to download, install, and use for personal and professional photos




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