This bundle containing styles for Capture One, presets for Lightroom, and actions for Photoshop will enhance your colour grading and black and white photography taken in the studio drastically. It was specifically created to render your studio works to appear even more classy, sophisticated, and premium. With elaborate contrasts and colour tones, as well as a monochrome version, this bundle honours your elaborate efforts by levelling up your portfolio with new exceptional studio works!


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Every photographer needs a set of classic studio photos to either compete in the market better or just for the variety in their portfolio. While light is pretty controllable in studio settings what really makes a studio premium is its colour tones and contrasts. When using strobes, I can tell from experience, it is easy to get confused about the right colour grading dose, or to feel lost regarding the amount of contrast in black and white. As a rule, because studio settings are more neutral and delicate, it becomes essential to pay close attention to the effects of colours and contrasts on the viewer. After many years of working in studios and retouching the photos, I have put forth an effort in creating the noble atmosphere I was looking for – through colours and contrasts. I have fine-tuned my Capture One and Lightroom settings and, finishing with Photoshop, I found the perfect recipe for studio photos. All presets packed in CLASSIC STUDIO, this bundle will give you the confidence that I developed over years, yet in no time! From now on, you can head to the studio chin up, do your thing and be sure that your results will stand out! You can even apply the styles and presets on the spot to show them to your team. They will certainly love it!


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Additional Information



Applicable to

Capture One, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom, Photoshop

Specifically for

photographs taken in RAW format


Colours Tones, Monochrome

Bundle Size

10,5 MB

Bundle Content

2 Capture One style files, 2 Lightroom presets files, 1 Photoshop finishing actions file


limited, non-exclusive, non-assignable, non-transferable, revocable standard license to download, install, and use for personal and professional photos




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