photography by
Heidi Rondak

model is Tilda März
from ICONIC Management

styling & art direction
Katharina Primm

hair & make-up by
Pia Hübscher

photo assistant
Kerstin Hammerschmid


special thanks to Botanischer Garten Berlin

jacket by ASOS DESIGN | top by Topshop | skirt by COLLUSION

pullover by E.L.K
earrings by
 & Other Stories

pullover & shirt by Zara | leather skirt by Selected Femme | shoes by Zara | socks by Topshop | earrings by Topshop

dress by H&M | bag by Vagabond | shoes by OFFICE London | necklace by Ariane Ernst | earrings by & Other Stories

jacket by ASOS DESIGN | top by Topshop

pullover by H&M Trend | longsleeve by & Other Stories | skirt by Réalisation Par | shoes by Topshop

Tob by Urban Outfitters | Earrings by H&M | Rings by & Other Stories and Catbird

pullover by RICHERT BEIL
dress by H&M Trend
boots by ASOS
earrings by H&M

pullover by E.L.K | earrings by & Other Stories

blouse by H&M Trend
skirt by Zara
pullover by H&M Trend
earrings by H&M

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