How outdoor locations appeal

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“Think about the images’ effects you want to cause on the viewer”


Does your fashion label need new photography in order to show the brand-new collection of yours? I’m happy to give you some tips on how to plan and realize it. You might have read my last article with lots of indoor location inspiration and how places appeal to the viewers’ eyes. Now it’s time for part no. 2 treating the possibilities of shooting outdoors. As I mentioned in my tip no. 4, there’s a list of questions you might want to ask yourself before deciding to situate your images under the open sky. If you have the right solutions to all those upcoming “problems” and you’re still eager to plan your production open-air you are welcome to soak all my following ideas in and eventually choose one of them for your very campaign. Me personally, I’m a great fan of any outdoor shooting theme, because a real existing place can look very authentic plus, when lucky with the weather, daylight can be very favorable for any kind of photography. One thing you should probably know is the fact that the midday sun is usually too strong for taking good-looking pictures. So in the best case, there are many shady spots to use for the time between 12 am and 3 pm. If there aren’t be prepared for your photographer suggesting some uncivilized hours to start the production, so he or she can benefit from the morning light. After a long lunch break, the afternoon sun will do the rest. To be able to make use of the noontime as well, there’s another possibility: you will need a diffuser to smoothen the light and either is it given through a cloudy sky, which is the best weather for shootings by the way, or the team uses a big canvas instead (but beware of the wind!) However, before I’m talking too technically, let’s go on to the location samples. Enjoy!

Urban Themes:

1. Industrial areas

2. Historical (looking) places

3. Modern architecture

4. Underground districts

5. Metropolitan skylines

6. Rooftops

7. A day in the life of the model: different places and activities

8. Interesting facades and structures

9. Graffiti

10. Construction sites

11. Romantic / spooky alleys

12. Parks and memorials 

13. Expensive neighborhoods


Nature / landscape themes:

14. Beach

15. Mountains

16. Fields / meadows

17. Rocks / cliffs

18. Nordic plateaus

19. Mediterranean landscapes

20. Southern exotic landscapes

21. Lakes / Rivers

22. Roadtrips, like Route 66

23. Deserts and steppes

24. Forests or Jungles

Cultural Themes:

25. Soccer stadiums / golf courses / equestrian farms / athletics fields / arenas/ etc. 

26. Fairgrounds

27. Bonfires or picnics 

28. Camping sites / trailer parks

29. Castles / Palaces or their gardens

30. Far eastern / oriental buildings or their gardens

31. Country-specific architecture or landscapes 

(e.g. Greek, Italian, French, Scandinavian)

32. Skiing areas

33. Farms

34. Aerodromes

35. On safaris / on the hunt

36. Vineyards

37. Nautics

38. Markets / Bazaars

39. Ruins

40. Swimming pools / luxurious estates

I hope that I could give you lots of new ideas with my outdoor shooting inspirations. In my next tip-article, I’m going to treat the visual effects of different perspectives and sections. You’ll learn that the differences are marvelous and crucial to your imagery. So I warmly invite you to come back soon and check more of my tips (;


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