Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What are your rates?
  2. Which cameras and lenses do you use?
  3. Which flash systems do you use?
  4. Do you have a photo studio?
  5. Are you available for travels to the location of our choice?
  6. Can you shoot our event/concert?
  7. Do you shoot videos as well?
  8. Are you available for TFP?
  9. Which payment options do you offer?
  10. Do you hire assistants, interns, retouchers?
  11. I’m a make-up artist/stylist and want to work with you – how do I approach you?
  12. I’m a model and want to work with you – how do I approach you?
  13. I’m a retoucher and want to work with you – how do I approach you?
  14. Are you interested in being our brand ambassador?
  15. Why should we book you?
  16. Any reason against booking you?

1. What are your rates?


My rates are perfectly customised to your needs in order to offer you the best service possible. Feel free to get in touch and tell me about your project. I will gladly calculate an offer according to your request. Here’s a checklist of the information you should ideally give me beforehand, so I understand what your project requires:

a. How many images do you need? (1)

b. What’s the usage? How long and how/where are the images going to be used? What’s the reach? (2)

c. Do you bring your own concept or do you want me to contribute my creative ideas? (3)

d. Do you book the model, make-up artist, hairstylist, fashion stylist, set designer, and location, or do you want me to take over the casting, art buying, and location scouting? (4)

e. Where’s the shoot going to take place? (5)

f. Does your project require a lot of props and/or styling? (6)

g. Do you wish the usage of special equipment, like e.g. shooting with a medium format camera? (7)

h. What’s the value of this project for you? What are you willing to pay for it? (8)


  1. This is important for the calculation of the editing and buyout costs as well as for estimating the number of shooting days we are going to need.
  2. Many people don’t know what a buyout is. Shortly explained the buyout is the licence that you buy from the photographer to be able to use his/her photos. In other words, commissioned photography still belongs to the photographer until you pay an appropriate amount to get it licenced for specified purposes. Another usage requires extra permission and payment. However the copyright will stay with the photographer ALWAYS, it cannot be sold by law. The buyout is a very important part of my offer. It’s important to know in which context the images are getting used in order to calculate the costs for your licence.
  3. Building concepts is my passion! However, the creation and development are time-consuming work and it underlies the creator’s copyright. Therefore it is a crucial part of my offer if you decide to entrust me with it.
  4. I gladly help you find the perfect team and place to shoot and incorporate the expenses and rates into my offer. However, this requires working time, which will be included as an item in my offer as well.
  5. Depending on the shoot’s location, travel costs and expenses might arise.
  6. Renting, shipping, and buying styling or props sometimes require large amounts of budget. Therefore it’s necessary to provide this budget in advance.
  7. Special equipment needs to be rented for the shooting day. Make sure to let me know if your project requires extra equipment.
  8. My rates are not cast in stone and we can always come to an agreement. Let’s bargain!
2. Which cameras do you use?
My standard camera is a Canon 5D Mark II. I usually use the EF 24–70 mm / f2,8, the EF 85 mm / f1,8, and the EF 50 mm / f2,8 Canon lenses and other rented ones, when I need them.
Additionally, I’m experienced with other Canon models, like e.g. the 5D Mark III, 6D, 7D, etc. as well as with Nikon cameras (this story was shot with a Nikon D810 (Champagne Supernova)) and the well-known middle format Phase One, with which I shot this story.
When it comes to analog photography I have two Zenit SLRs and two Pentacon lenses with 29 mm / f2,8 and 200 mm / f4, as well as a Super Cosina 35-135 mm / f3,5–4,5 and a Helios 58 mm / f1,2 lens. Furthermore, have I worked with Mamiya middle format cameras, like in my editorial error.
3. Which lighting do you use?
So far, when I didn’t use natural daylight and reflectors, I worked with the following flash systems: Briese, Profoto, Broncolor, Elinchrom, Priolight, Multiblitz, and Bowens. I used Arri and Dedolight basically when it came to continuous light. If you ask me, I think that most devices work similarly, so when you know how to handle one, you can handle others too. Of course, the quality of every light and its light shaper is something else.
When I set up light and I have the choice, I preferably have a soft main light sideways of the model. I feel that this is creating a more sculptural shape due to the slight shadows on the other hand (which is getting brightened by a reflector or another weaker flashlight). However, I like testing different setups, because every project requires it’s own light handling. In any case, I emphasise nice reflections in the model’s eyes, because they make the person look more vivid.
4. Do you have a photo studio?
I prefer not to have my own photo studio for three reasons: First of all, like this, I’m more flexible and I can rent whichever studio is appropriate for each project. Second off, I can save the time that a studio would require for its maintenance and therefore be able to take better care of my clients and my actual photography work. And the third reason is that I love to work on location and anyways working as a photographer doesn’t mean that you shoot every day. Pre- and post-production take a big part in the whole process. So if you have in mind a certain project, tell me about it and eventually send me some mood images of your vision, so I can scout the perfect location for you, where we can realise it.
5. Are you available for travels to the location of our choice?
I have a valid passport and the will to travel wherever you want me to shoot your project, as long as you take over the travel costs.
6. Can you shoot our event/concert?
I could, but I rather wouldn’t – for a few simple reasons: I am specialised in sophisticated fashion, beauty, people and product photography, so I’m sure that there are a couple of other photographers who would make a better fit for your request. I will gladly help you find the right person for a 20% commission of his or her fee. If you insist on me doing it, I will do my best, but please let me know precisely which light situation I will find at the location (and if I’m allowed to use flashlight) and what you want me to capture exactly (feel free to send me a list). Also please understand that I will need to rent some extra gear, which I will add to your invoice. You can find a price list of my favourite supplier Calumet here.
7. Do you shoot videos as well?
My camera is capable of taking HD videos. However, I’m not sure if I am… My DOP (director of photography) times are quite long ago and I totally recommend involving a professional video team on set, if you wish to have a few takes. Not only does it guarantee a better film quality, but it also allows the photo and film team to stay focused on their subject and the limited time on set can be used more efficiently.
Nevertheless, I’m aiming for additional qualifications as a director and I will gladly test my new skills on your project, if you let me. Check my YouTube Channel to see, if there is news on this topic.
8. Are you available for TFP?
No, I’m not. I always see myself as an art director and photographer, except when my client brings in his/her own concept. When I shoot personal stories or tests that are free of charge, I prefer to realise my own ideas, I hope you understand my point of view.
9. Which payment options do you offer?
By now, when we work together, I will invoice you 50% of the expected sum before the production takes place and 50% after the delivery of the results. This way most expenses are paid already and both sides are on the safe side. Accepted methods of payment are the good old bank transfer, PayPal, or cash.
10. Do you hire interns, assistants, retouchers?


First things first, at this time I’m only able to hire students doing an obligatory internship, preferably with an Erasmus scholarship because internships are not paid by my side. I offer internship durations between one and three months only. To be on the same page from the start, here’s what you can help me with:

  • creation of social media content (making of & portrait photography, poss. filming)
  • maintenance of Pinterest, stock photo platforms (upload & tagging) & poss. Patreon
  • research & documentation (industry contacts, pre-production information, marketing methods)
  • workshop preparation & assistance
  • shooting assistance (when they take place)
  • poss. retouching/editing

Please be aware of the fact that I’m not owning a photo studio and photo shoots are not taking place every day. Most photographers’ work is mainly office-related, in my case home office – so make sure to have a good place to work as well. Besides, you are responsible for your accommodation and provisioning.

Of course, we will sit down together and you can ask me anything you want to know. This is what I can teach you:

  • camera and lighting technology
  • how to prepare shoots
  • how to assist
  • post-production (with Capture One, Photoshop)
  • knowledge about the industry
  • self-marketing


Beginners and advanced assistants are welcome to reach out. Outdoor shoots require no prior knowledge, you are basically helping me (and the team) by holding reflectors and transporting things, if necessary. Advanced assistants with knowledge of Capture One & Photoshop as well as the basics of lighting are welcome to apply for studio shoots. In any case, I would like to work with you first on editorial or test (unpaid) in order to estimate if we are a fit on set. When paid jobs occur and we got along well, I will gladly book you.
11. I’m a make-up artist/stylist and want to work with you – how do I approach you?
You are very welcome to follow me and reach out on Instagram @heidirondak. If I’m interested, I will approach you as soon as I can. Please don’t send me your concepts unless they are about a paid job – then please contact me via e-mail. I like to create and realise my numerous own ideas in order to push my portfolio in the right direction. However, I’m always open to suggestions within an existing concept, because I trust your expertise.
12. I’m a model and want to work with you – how do I approach you?
I offer custom model book shoots, so models and model agents are very welcome to reach out for rates and availability. However, when it comes to jobs and editorials, I (or the client) are mostly looking for a certain type – someone who fits the concept perfectly. This is why I always cast models through their agencies. Nevertheless, you are always welcome to follow me on Instagram @heidirondak, so we are in touch in case you are the exact face we’re looking for a certain project.
13. I’m a retoucher and want to work with you – how do I approach you?
Please have a look at my portfolio and compare, if your and my style of editing resp. the look is similar. If that’s the case, working together could be interesting and you are welcome to contact me. In order to make sure we really fit together, I will only forward paid retouching jobs to those who have provided me with a free trial beforehand (between 4 and 8 images). When it comes to editorial works and tests, you are welcome to contribute for credit. I would love to build a long-lasting and trusty collaboration.
At the moment I’m especially looking for someone to teach him/her my retouching style and methods in order to work together on a regular basis afterward (duration to be defined upon agreement). We will have multiple private workshops, which will be free of charge for you if you agree to not only take over the post-production of my paid jobs in the future but of my editorials and tests as well and for credit only (like every one of the team is just working for credit). Otherwise, feel free to ask me for my editing workshop rates.
14. Are you interested in being our brand ambassador?
If you feel that I’m a good example for your target group and your products would fit my social media feeds well, you’re probably right and I’m happy to receive your bidding and eventually collaborate. I will happily try and document or incorporate your items in my shoots or self-portrayal. If you like me to keep the product, I thank you very much. However, rents and insurances can’t be paid with objects or generous discounts, which is why I hope you like to show your true appreciation for my efforts by appropriate payment. Feel free to ask me for my rates per post.
15. Why should we book you?
Because I’m the dream of any client!
16. Any reason against booking you?

Please don’t book me on my birthday (23.11.) or Christmas (you know when that is).



If you have further questions or ideas for this FAQ list, don’t hesitate to contact me.