We Like Minded People!

As a community of creatives, our members share the following views and behaviour rules when they
operate our forums, activity page, and their profiles.


§ 1 Identity


1.1 Creative Industry Ideals

We represent the purpose to form a better creative industry. United in our common interests and various talents we commit to the goal of pursuing equality and fairness in our professional work environments. An appreciative and transparent interaction with other creatives as well as with clients is our desire.

1.2 Personal Improvement

This platform is meant to offer material and space for personal and professional growth. Through communication, we get the chance to gain new knowledge and perspectives in order to transform and improve. We are regarding problems as challenges that can be solved open-mindedly.

1.3 Learning from Each Other

Inspired by the idea of a mastermind group our competences and knowledge combined are powerful. Exchange is the key to each member’s greater success. We commit to generous sharing and mutual support“There’s no new problem that someone hasn’t already had and written about it [in a book.]” (– Will Smith)

1.4 Connecting as People and Experts in our Fields

The community forms a personal and professional network in which we trust and profit from each other’s expertise. Engaging in advice and collaboration we break through the confines of our individual skills and thoughts. As a result, each member’s creative/career path is encouraged.

§ 2 Values


2.1 Communication

We highly appreciate communication and listening. Expressing and interchanging thoughts are human strengths and the base for creativity itself. Sharing information courageously is our ambition. We commit to practice enthusiastic, constructive, and honest communication.

2.2 Empathy

Beyond communication, we endeavour empathy resulting from true listening and an open heart. As creatives we strive to see past the superficial, reveal and share new perspectives. As a community of creatives, we aspire to show each other patience and understanding accompanied by kind support. Our compassionate interaction helps us grow as individuals and as a group according to our identity (§ 1).

2.3 Respect

As a group of like-minded equals, we treat each other with due respect online and offline. We regard our differences as beneficial to our community and the public. Our acts and judgment are in all conscience including the awareness of the goodwill of others.

3 § Refusal


3.1 No Discrimination

We firmly reject any kind of discrimination and bullying online and offline.

3.2 No Judgment

We condemn and do not perform any acts rooted in racism, sexism, or homophobia. Neither do we judge anyone by their origin, religious or personal beliefs, appearance, gender identification, or sexual orientation.

3.3 No Unprofessional Behaviour

As professionals, we refuse to damage the industry at our own discretion. We acknowledge that stealing ideas or works, predatory pricing, and unfair competition are harmful to ourselves and other creatives. We are here to build a working industry in which everyone has their raison d’être.

3.4 No Faultfinding

We do not have any space for bullheadedness in our community. We commit to life-long learning id est we can as well be wrong sometimes and learn from our failures. “What we know is a drop, what we don’t know is an ocean.” (– Isaac Newton)

3.5 No Abuse

Fake information or abusive content will be banned from this platform. Repetitively inappropriate behaviour will result in exclusion from this community.

§ 4 Etiquette


4.1 Kindness & Politeness

According to our values (§ 2), we believe that kindness is key. This manifests in our language first and foremost. We put great stress on our wording to be polite and constructive.

4.2 Gratitude

Gratitude is bonding us. Our community is a place of mutual support. We will not take any help for granted, thus we show appreciation for our members who share their knowledge and skills with us.

§ 5 Platform


5.1 Public Space

This platform is open and readable for everyone seeking advice and inspiration. Our members are aware of their public contributions and will, accordingly, be considerate of the content they share. For participation, one must be invited or fill in the application form for free here.

5.2 Independence

Our community is autonomous and not influenced by any commercial players. We cherish a clear platform that allows us to focus on human contact. Therefore, it remains ad-free.