Braids Test: Lady of the Flowers for Trend Privé Magazine


This is a little test on braids and fishbone braids with Model Ania P. from Most Wanted Models hair styled by Isabell Schwan. It’s a commercial-like story, very female, very light. I tried to have fewer shadows and soft light, the colors very fresh but earthly with some colourful touches that come with the floral styling and foreground. This is a series where I tried to style the model myself. I enjoy doing the styling sometimes when it’s an easy-going shooting with fewer people. Here we were only three persons in a very private atmosphere, nice and personal. I’m aware that styling is a thing much more complex than choosing some dresses and shirts and combining them. Stylists have to follow complicated rules when it comes to the seasons, trends, crediting, etc. which I admire. A thing that I intentionally didn’t mind in this case. Once in a while you just have to do your thing (; But this is why I like to say that this is just a test shooting that doesn’t make it into my actual portfolio.

However, there are some unwritten rules for photographers too so you have to be careful with your projects. You can easily get on someone’s blacklist, if you don’t give anything back to the people and agencies you work with. I was lucky to be able to give something back and have this editorial/test published online at Trend Privé Magazine which I like a lot. If you visit their page you can see that they are into humanitarian projects and so I’m happy to help with any content, even though unfortunately this doesn’t have a humanitarian idea behind it. Or maybe it’s about flower-power and peace!? (:

View the pictures on Trend Privé Magazine


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