Berlin Fashion Week A/W 2018/19

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or: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

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It’s that time of the year again: Fashion Weeks! And although I couldn’t go to Paris, or somewhere else, of course, I’ve visited some shows in Berlin, where I’m based, and I’ve had the honor to be the first photographer for Dawid Tomaszewski again this season.

This time his presentation was the opening event for the Berlin Fashion Week and a classical runway show with some beautiful furniture at the top of the cat-walk. The looks were boldly mixed and colorful, like e.g. there were Japanese masters with patterns and flowers, thick plaid fabrics in pink and orange, velvet elements with rhinestones or feathers, leather gloves, and plush earrings. All in all very fashionable, whereby I could just see most of them on my computer after the show. While the girls were walking up and down the runway, I was very much concentrated on capturing each outfit in a good moment and dealing with their speed and the light. I’d say the new collection is very exciting and well-done and I’m curious to see some pieces of it again when shooting editorials with stylists.

For the next day, I had an invitation to Lena Hoschek’s show in the botanical garden, which I suppose must be the most perfect combination of beautiful things. I love plants and gardens and Lena’s collections are always very special. But I was so unexpectedly busy that day, and so I couldn’t go, which made me truly sad. But I should get lucky the next day because when I met a friend at another show, she invited me to go to the Hotel de Rome with her, where this very collection would be exhibited. And so we did later on: and it was even more beautiful than on the few pictures I’ve seen so far. All the looks were inspired by moths and butterflies, so there were flower-prints, plants, and some patterns, not too gay, but very darkish, due to the winter season. Lena Hoschek’s PR agent told us many details about the collection and mentioned that she had also used some symbolic elements of Vanitas art – which is exactly the concept of an editorial I’m planning to shoot this year! I felt so happy to get to see the fashion counterpart to my own shooting idea. I loved it!

Irene Luft was another highlight of the week. Last time I couldn’t see her show, because it was taking place simultaneously to my job at Tomaszewski’s. This time I couldn’t wait to see her new stuff and also meet her music composer, who’s an old friend from Mannheim, where I studied. And I shouldn’t get disappointed: her new collection was amazing. While staying true to herself, by using tulle, transparent fabrics, a lot of black and embellishments, the whole collection was very dark and emo-style/rocking. All models had a fake sidecut hairstyle combined with dissolved black eye make-up and wearing black punky boots and elegant long leather gloves. Some looks had red elements, which underlined the vampire style. The cuts were very sexy but still elegant. The audience agreed by nodding and smiling: it’s a beautiful collection!


On Thursday I was in a great working flow in my home office, but I also wanted to see the Panorama fair as I hadn’t been there before. The result was that I arrived there last minute when many booths were already shutting down. But it was still interesting to see. I walked around a little bit and picked up some magazines until I decided to go. Next time I’ll be there in earlier (:

Anything else? Yes! The weather was a disaster! There were snow, rain, and wind and it was very chill. Fashion Week in winter is always jinxed with bad weather, making it hard to dress properly. But at least we were all in this together.


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