CANON Ambassador

Published and Awarded Fashion & Beauty Photographer

Represented by Rockson Stockholm & KOPPEMARTENS communication

based in Berlin, Paris, and Stockholm

Photo by Kamila Heil

Heidi Rondak’s photographs take you on a journey through a brand’s universe.
Like NASA but for fashion.

Photography Awards


Commissioned work References

CanonABOUT YOUShowroom Privé | Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Jeans, H.I.S., Marc Aurel, Peter Hahn, Erima, Zero, Brax, Hanro, Beeline, René Lezard, Otto at eShot | Nutella / SOUP Film | Glimyu by Gion Cosmetics / vonderstein | SeptièmeNYNOLIA | MUD Studio | DARKOH Menswear | Dawid Tomaszewski | Pepe Jeans, Hugo Boss, Diesel, Esprit, Eterna, Bench, La Perla, Marc O’Polo, Peuterey, Passionata, Seidensticker, Quicksilver, Pinko at brands4friendsRTL 2 / Tresor TV | Vivid Flair LondonCODE University of Applied Sciences | Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (htw) | Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe (HfM)Paris College of Art (PCA)

Selected Magazine References

Photo Vogue Italia | Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam | ELLE Bulgaria | l’Officiel Belgium | l’Officiel Liechtenstein | l’Officiel Baltic | Beau Monde | SCHÖN! Magazine | TM | J’N’C |  FACES Magazine | Scandinavian MIND | Quality Magazine | Kaltblut Magazine | Teaser Magazine | LATEST Magazine | HIMBEER Magazin



*1988, Schopfheim, Black Forest, Germany
2011 – 2015 Communication Design Studies at HS Mannheim
2012 Exhibition at Raben Engel Odenwälder,  Mannheim
2011 – 2013 Editor for komma Magazine
2011 Red Dot Award, Communication Design Award, EDAWARDS (Bronze), Qompendium, Nominee for Designpreis Deutschland
2015 Exhibition of “BCD” at  Banana Gallery, Mannheim
2015 Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design with focus on Photography, Editorial Design & Film
2016 – 2017 Editor & Head of Editorial Design for Ajouré Magazine & Ajouré Men
2018–2023 Photography Lecturer at CODE University
2019 Fine Art Photography Award (3rd prize winner in category fashion professional)
2019–2023 Photography Lecturer at htw Berlin
2019 – 2020 Coach at Brockmann Phototravel
2020 Nominee for Fine Art Photography Award (category fashion professional)
2020 DEKRA certified hygiene officer for productions
2021 Fine Art Photography Award (2nd prize winner in category fashion professional)
2022 Fine Art Photography Award (2nd prize winner in category fashion professional)
2024 WORLD UNSEEN Exhibition by CANON, London

since 2013 Freelance Fashion Photographer
since 2020 Photography Lecturer at Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe
since 2020 Freelance Video Director
since 2023 Ambassador for CANON Europe


With my father being a photographer in his young years, cameras and stories told through images have always been a part of my life. I was creative from the start, crafting, drawing, and, finally, capturing what I saw from different points of view. My approach has always been conceptual.

Travels through India, and finally, my studies in Communication Design, including several positions as a photo assistant, led me to develop an even deeper understanding of camera, light, and motif, as well as design thinking and the principles of creation.

In this period of my life, I fell in love with the fashion world. Ever since then, I worked for international clients and magazines such as l’Officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, and Schön! and was the lucky winner of several awards.

As an expression of our time and age, I think fashion and photographs thereof are shaping society. With this in mind, I started lecturing photography in 2018 at several universities. Working with students of different fields and backgrounds is regularly giving me important points of view from future creatives.

Beyond my creative network and the fashion cosmos itself, interesting locations, rays of light, and remarkable details inspire my photography.



Samir Abou-Suede (Munich)

Oliver Rauh (Munich)

Hercules Terres (Berlin)

Izabela Macoch (Berlin)

Petra Tielmann (Düsseldorf, Cape Town)

Rita Amthor (Berlin)

Julius Forgo (Berlin)

Davor Jelusic (Barcelona)

Christina van Zon (Berlin)

Ricarda Venjacob (Berlin)

Tamina von Ribaupierre (Munich)

Ulrica Knutsdotter (Cape Town)


Daniel Cati (Berlin)

Tim Kalkkuhl (Berlin)

Björn Köling (Stockholm)

Mustafa Morad (Dortmund)


VELT Studio (Berlin)

LYNX Studio (Berlin)

Profimietstudio (Berlin)

Studio Chérie (Berlin)

Studio Batterie (Berlin)

Neon Island Studio (Berlin)


Elisa Bo (Amsterdam)


Silvan Borer (Zürich)

Neesha Meusch (Munich)

Sascha May (Mannheim)

Graphic Designers

Chris Artmann (Mannheim)


Viviane Montesse (Paris)

Marcus Krone (Munich)

Hair & Make-up Artists

Norbert Cheminel (Berlin)

Sacha Schuette (Berlin)

Julia Krohse (Berlin)

Claudia Fischer (Berlin)

Anne-Marie Wittchen (Berlin)

Rafa Delgado (Berlin)

Lisa Neubacher (Berlin)

Benjamin Becher (Berlin)

Adina Hensel (Frankfurt)

Lena Gehrig (Munich)

Nadine Hermann (Munich)

Adrian Xhaferi (Stuttgart)

Nicole Grant (Cape Town, SA)

Ludovic Dupuis (Paris)

Emilie Plume (Paris)

Henna Artists

Linda Mey (Berlin)


Aurora Retouch (Munich)

Stefanie Schneeberger (Swiss)

Andrei Ivascu (Romania)


Always Everything (Berlin)

Eyesome Productions (Fuerte Ventura)

Solar Productions (Cape Town, SA)

Set Designers

Simone Serlenga (Berlin)

Food Stylists

Martin Kühnel (Berlin)

Music Producers

Pascal Weick (Berlin)

Digital Operators & Assistants

Hanne Merte (Berlin)

Asier Ruiz (Berlin)

Kerstin Hammerschmid (Vienna)


OCAP ARCH (Architecture, Berlin/Leipzig)

Florian Merdes (Theatre, Portrait, Architecture, Leipzig)

Julian Kroehl (Transportation, Frankfurt)

Dale Grant (Fine Art, Berlin/Amsterdam)

Louis Fernandez (Portrait, Québec)

Model Agencies

Modelwerk (Hamburg)

PMA (Hamburg)

ICONIC Management (Berlin)

Mirrrs Models (Hamburg)

MEGA Model Agency (Hamburg)

Most Wanted Models (Munich, Hamburg)

Munich Models (Munich)

SPIN Models (Hamburg)

HER Management (Hamburg)

TWO Management (Copenhagen)

kult Models (Hamburg)

Izaio Management (Berlin)

Seeds Models (Berlin)

CORE Management (Berlin, Hamburg)

Viva Models (Berlin)

Vivienne Models (Munich)

BOSS Models (Cape Town, SA)

Fanjam Management (Cape Town, SA)

Le Management (Copenhagen)

TUNE Models (Munich, Berlin)

PARS Management (Munich)

East West Models (Frankfurt)

New Madison (Paris)

KARIN Models (Paris)

Mademoiselle Agency (Paris)

Junior Models (Kids Agency, Potsdam)

Younger Models (Kids Agency, Berlin)

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