A Decade with Canon and the Journey to Becoming a Canon Ambassador


It’s with immense excitement and gratitude that I share some remarkable news with all of you – I have officially become a Canon Ambassador as of October 2023!

A Passion for Photography and a Decade with Canon

My journey with Canon began in 2012, a decade ago, and it’s been an incredible ride ever since. I started my Canon adventure with the EOS 5D Mark II, moved on to the 5D Mark IV a couple of years later, and now, I’m exploring the wonders of the R6 Mark II mirrorless camera. Canon’s technology has never ceased to amaze me, making each click a pleasure and each well-composed frame a masterpiece. The reliability and exceptional colour space of Canon cameras have been instrumental in my photography journey.

Why Canon?

My choice of Canon isn’t just professional; it’s deeply personal. I’ve always been drawn to Canon for its extraordinary ability to capture stunning and vibrant colours, bringing my images to life in ways that constantly inspire me. The rich and nuanced colour rendition that Canon cameras offer has not only elevated my work but also allowed me to convey emotions and stories through my photography with unparalleled depth and authenticity.

Additionally, Canon’s commitment to user-friendly design has been an invaluable asset throughout my photography journey. The intuitively designed menu systems and ergonomic controls have consistently made every shoot a breeze, enabling me to focus on the artistry of photography rather than grappling with complex settings. This user-centric approach aligns perfectly with my philosophy that the best photographs emerge when technology seamlessly complements creativity.

With Canon, it’s not just about capturing moments; it’s about crafting visual narratives that resonate with the heart and soul of photography. It’s a privilege to be associated with a brand that not only understands the needs of photographers but also shares a deep passion for the art and craft of image-making.

Canon photo gear flatlay by Canon Ambassador Heidi Rondak
My favourite gear

Becoming a Canon Ambassador

The journey to becoming a Canon Ambassador was a deeply cherished accomplishment. Three years ago, I reached out to Canon, expressing my interest in sponsorship. This year, in January 2023, I learned that the Canon Germany team had pre-selected me, and so the application procedure for the Canon Europe Ambassador Programme unfolded over several months. Finally, in July 2023, I received the incredible news that I had been appointed as a Canon Europe Ambassador. Now, in October 2023, I can finally make it official.

Looking Ahead

I’m genuinely looking forward to connecting with fellow photography enthusiasts, Canon professionals, and creatives through various avenues, including talks, events, workshops, and social media. I’m also excited about collaborating on different projects, and my first endeavor in this new role will be as a guest on the Canon Academy Radio podcast.

My Canon portfolio

Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey. I can’t wait to see where this new chapter as a Canon Ambassador takes me, and I’m eager to share it all with you. Stay tuned for more photography adventures, insights, and inspiration!

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