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Romantic Story Concepts

Creating photography means seeing a story around the model and fashion I capture. I’m always looking for more background than simply a studio, a color or a nice building. All places tell a story, the models and styling do so too and the light reflects it into my camera. Building a concept with a team and working out that story always makes it special for me. I love the process as much as the finished images. Someone told me that my visions are beautifully romantic. I hadn’t realised it until then, but I think they are!


Born in Lörrach in the Black Forest, Germany and growing up with the Zenit SLR of my father being part of the family’s everyday life, I early started looking for different points of views and capturing the beauty in everything. I also loved creating that beauty in sketches, handicraft work, stitching and finally in photographs.

Through travels in india after my school graduation, photographic internships and finally my studies in Communication Design, I developed a deep understanding of the use and interplay of camera, light and motive, as well as design thinking and the principles of creation.

I found myself flourishing when working with fashion pieces and models as it unites photography, art direction, human beauty, interesting backgrounds and the sensual application of styles.


*1988, Schopfheim, Germany

2011 – 2015 Communication Design Studies at HS Mannheim, Germany

2012 Exhibition of Analogue Fashion Photographs at Raben Engel Odenwälder,  Mannheim, Germany

2012 – 2013 Editor for komma Magazine

2013 Red Dot Award

2015 Exhibition “BCD” at  Banana Gallery, Mannheim, Germany

2015 Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design with focus on Photography, Editorial Design and Film

since 2016 Head of Editorial Design for Ajouré Magazine

since 2013 Freelance Fashion & Beauty Photographer

since 2017 represented by Peppermint Circus

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Commissioned work References

Dawid Tomaszewski
DARKOH Menswear

ROMAR (Robert Paul Hegenbarth)
Vivid Flair London
Ajouré Men Germany
Ajouré International